Dr. Milton E. Dowty, Founder

Dr. Milton DowtyDr. Milton E. Dowty, founder of The Wichita Kinesiology Group, is a Chiropractic Physician and a 1975 graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic. An avid student of many healing techniques, Dr. Dowty has a great foundation from which to present his unique system of analysis. Multi-talented in music, architectural design, and athletics, he applies precision in all that he does. He has a gift for creative problem solving, and a keen sense for practical solutions to complicated clinical methods.

His performance in health care has resulted in a successful multi-doctor facility and a high demand for his methods by other doctors. Dr. Dowty formalized his integration of wellness technology for professional instruction to other doctors in 1987. His integrated technology CPK or Chiro+Plus Kinesiology and is now Bio Systems Integration.

Dr. Dowty’s personal goal was to develop a “No more excuses” practice. He didn’t like hearing other doctors placate patients for their lack of progress with clichés. For him, status quo was just NOT Acceptable.

He determined that inadequacies in technology were hindering doctors from achieving their goals in patient care. It became obvious to him, “If we can’t find it…we can’t fix it,” and that a better source of assessment was needed. Acting on the belief that the nervous system is the master system of the body, he developed a neurologically monitored testing system which became the foundation of his tissue integrity and function assessments. “Monitoring the nervous system is essential if we are to be doctors of the nervous system.”

Dr. Dowty is a dedicated kinesiologist. In preparing for his own practice Dr. Dowty composed a list of all the health and wellness technology he had studied. He listed the positive and negative attributes of each system. A “cross-grid” arrangement of this knowledge was designed to look for patterns of weakness and strengths. From this evaluation certain methods of technology were selected for integration, forming the basis of a unique and efficient assessment vehicle.

Dr. Dowty has woven together this “fabric of technology” for a more comprehensive assessment system monitoring the dynamic nature of a patient‘s condition. This is accomplished by a “processing system” that flows from one school of technology into another using the best features of each system. The result is a broad spectrum of the causal chain revealed in a sequence of priority. The effect is “Gestalt” in principle, and the result… is certainly greater than the sum of the parts.


Tammie, our office coordinator wears many hats in the office. From her first position many years ago as part time clerical staff, to doctor’s clinical assistant, she is the back up for any staff member, while preserving behind the scenes order for the doctor’s schedule, nutrition mailings, inventory control, in house accounting, and accounts payable. As coordinator Tammie Dowty usually knows something about everything in our office.