New Patient Info

So you want to be a patient?

Pick up the phone and call our office at 316-684-0550 between 8:30 – 4:30 Monday through Thursday, or you can leave your name and number and we will return your call.

First time sessions require that you arrive on time, and plan on at least 90 minutes of your time in the office. Please allow enough time for…

  1. Papers to be checked for completion of personal data, medical history and insurance information
  2. Consultation with your doctor’s clinical assistant who will review your personal health concerns with you and make proper documentation in your records
  3. Examination by your doctor from a sixty-five point examination that considers:
    • Structural alignment testing of each major joint of the pelvis, lower & upper extremities, ribs, and cranium
    • Chemical assessment of 12 biochemical imbalances that promote inflammation in the body
    • Organ function assessment of all major organs of the body via screen testing of post-ganglion nerve ports
    • Calculations of muscle dysfunctions from spinal fixations
    • Calculations and scanning of the spinal discs for varied degrees of inflammation or herniation
  4. A demonstration of your muscle weakness and the source of its restoration will be performed
  5. A report of your examination findings will reveal the following:
    • The chain of events involved in your condition
    • Corrective procedures and how they will work
    • A Prognosis of how many visits for a specific resolve
    • Identify conditions that may necessitate a medical referral for assessment or conditions that need to be addressed at a later time
  6. The first corrective procedure and therapy will be performed.
    • We do not manipulate or adjust bones as most Chiropractors and Osteopathic doctors.
    • There is no forceful thrusting of the muscle skeletal tissues.
    • There is no bending or twisting of the body parts as experienced with most Chiropractors and Osteopaths
    • Soft tissue adjustments will be made with steady, sustained pressure into distorted and sensitive tissue. This is usually a few seconds of discomfort that is easily tolerated by most of us. We will adjust our level of pressure to your condition or tolerance.
  7. Home care instructions will be verbalized and written instructions will be sent home with you.
  8. Multiple appointments will be planned to help you acquire times for your convenience.
  9. Checking out with our cashier will follow the guidelines of our Financial Policy page and we accept cash, credit/debit cards, and checks.
  10. We hope to anticipate your every need, but if we don’t please let us know so we have the opportunity to retain you as our satisfied customer who will refer others.

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