Skin Deep Aesthetics

Skin Deep focuses on non-surgical beauty enhancing procedures for the largest organ of the body by preserving and restoring the natural beauty of youthful skin.  Our certified esthetician will bring your beauty to life using the latest sciences with time tested devices for facials lifts, infusions.  Many refreshing therapies are available.

The uniqueness of this clinic is to address the inflammatory processes and muscle skeletal dysfunctions associated with pain and aging. For 40 plus years Dr. Dowty has specialized in the reactivation of muscles, restoring normal joint activity and alleviating structural stress and pain.

WKG Wellness now extends it’s services to specialize in the dietary counseling and the sciences of correcting hormonal imbalances that regulate skin rejuvenation. This focus will feature consultations and micro current sculpting to give everyone that youthful appearance of smooth, clear, beautiful skin on top of a solid muscle-skeletal framework.

Skin deep is the finishing touch to providing that youthful appearance with product and services restoring that beautiful covering of the body. After all we all have to have skin to hold ourselves in.

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